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Pre-Surgery Instructions

Diet Restrictions

Unless instructed otherwise by your doctor, you must follow these diet instructions before your surgery/procedure

8 hours before arrival time

Stop eating solid food or drinking liquids that you cannot see through. You may drink clear liquids such as water, apple juice without pulp, clear tea or black coffee.

3 hours before arrival time

Stop taking anything by mouth, except for medications, as directed by your doctor. You may take, with a small sip of water, your usual morning medications. 

Day of Surgery

If You Have Diabetes

Unless instructed otherwise by your doctor or surgery scheduler, please follow the guidelines below for taking diabetes medications. 

For surgeries scheduled before 12:00 noon

For surgeries scheduled after 12:00 noon

If you have an insulin pump

Regardless of what time surgery is scheduled, please consult with your diabetic doctor (endocrinologist) for specific instructions on how to use your insulin/pump the day of surgery