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Comprehensive Routine Eye Care

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Many surveys have been taken asking people what their most valued sense is. While there are arguments to be made for all of them—and few among us want to lose any of them—the sense of sight is consistently listed as supreme. Through our eyes, we can enjoy the rosy glow of the sun setting over a snow-capped mountain range. We navigate through the hustle and bustle of a street market at high noon. Our eyes recognize the danger of a busy city street corner, and the calm tenderness of a smile on our child’s face.

Understanding and Treating Glaucoma

Anatomy of GlaucomaRegular eye examinations are important to determine the health of your eye. It is especially important in the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma.

Glaucoma is a characteristic pattern of optic neuropathy. Glaucoma is most cases has no symptoms until late in the course of the disease. Risk factors for glaucoma include family history of glaucoma, history of ocular trauma, age over 60 years old, chronic steroid use in any form including eyedrops, creams, and pills, and African/Hispanic ancestry.

The mainstay of treatment in glaucoma is to lower the intraocular pressure to a level at which further damage to the optic nerve does not occur. This “target” pressure can vary depending on the person and the status of the optic nerve.

How to Experience the Great American Solar Eclipse Without Damaging Your Vision

Solar Eclipse Eye Safety

On Aug. 21, millions of people in the U.S. will see day turn to night as a total solar eclipse passes over North America. The last time this happened from coast to coast was 1918. Temperatures will drop rapidly as the moon completely covers the sun. You will be able to see the spectacular colors and light of the sun’s atmosphere, a sight revealed to us only during a total solar eclipse. Washington State residents will be able to view a partial solar eclipse on the morning of August 21 and many will travel to Oregon or Idaho to view the total eclipse in the “path of totality.”

What is Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye?

Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)
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Conjunctivitis is commonly known as Pink Eye and it is a very common condition. The eye contains a very thin, film-like membrane which covers the white part of the eye as well as the inside of the eyelid. This membrane is called the conjunctiva and when it becomes inflamed or swollen it is diagnosed as conjunctivitis.

The Difference Between Chalazion & Stye

An Overview Of Chalazion
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What are Styes and Chalazia?

Both styes and chalazia are visible bumps that appear near the edge of an eyelid. Many people get these two confused since they both can appear as a bump near the edge of the eyelid. It can actually be difficult to tell the two apart.