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Eye Health Education

Low vision symptoms
Education | General Eye Care

Low Vision

What is Low Vision? Low vision is vision that cannot be corrected by conventional glasses, contacts, medical, or surgical treatment.1 While the severity may vary, a patient is considered to have low vision if they are unable to see well enough to do everyday activities including reading, driving, recognizing faces etc. Having low vision does not…

Glaucoma diagram
Education | Glaucoma

Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) for Glaucoma

Glaucoma is defined as a progressive disorder of the optic nerve that is usually caused by elevated intra-ocular pressure. This insidious disease is predicted to affect nearly 4 million Americans by 2030. The end result of glaucoma, if left untreated, is blindness. Thankfully, if diagnosed early, there are multiple medical and surgical therapies that can…

Retina scan showing the effects of age-related macular degeneration
Education | Macular Degeneration

Age-Related Macular Degeneration – What is it, and How can I prevent it?

What is Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)? Age-related Macular Degeneration (or AMD) is a devastating eye disease. It is the leading cause of blindness in people 55 years and older in America.1 It causes blindness in about 1 million Americans, and with the aging of our country’s population, that number will only increase. We worry about our…

Doctor with model of eye pointing at cornea
Cataract Surgery | Education

Cataract Surgery 101

Everything you need to know for a smooth and successful experience Cataracts are a fact of life. At some point, we’ll all get them. Just like wrinkles and gray hair, they’re part of our body’s aging process. They can be brought on by medications, injury, diabetes, or other medical or genetic disorders, but for most…

Woman suffering itching scratching eyes outdoors in a park
Dry Eye Disease | Education

Dry Eye Syndrome

What it is, why it hurts, and how Eye Associates Northwest can ease your pain Are your eyes constantly uncomfortable? Burning? Red? Itchy? Does it feel like you’ve got grit in your eyes that just won’t go away? You’ve tried eye drops, eye flushes, and artificial tears but nothing fixes the problem. “It’s allergies,” you…

Plastic surgeon drawing lines over eyelid of a nice young female before cosmetic operation.
Education | Facial Aesthetic

Mid Face Lift

As the face ages there is increased laxity and sagging of the soft tissues of the face. In the mid-face this results in exaggeration of the nasolabial folds or the “parenthesis” around the mouth due to descent of the cheeks. A mid face lift tightens and repositions to cheek to restore the natural youthful fullness…

Close-up of doctor's hand drawing correction lines on good looking man's face. Procedure before plastic surgery.
Education | Facial Aesthetic

Brow Lift

As the face ages there is increased laxity and sagging of the soft tissues and skin. In the upper face this results in: In brow lift surgery those structures are tightened and repositioned to reduce the deep lines of the upper face and restore the eyebrows to their youthful position. A browlift can be performed…

Multi Generation Family Having Fun In Garden Together Smiling To Camera
Education | Facial Aesthetic

Lower Eyelid Surgery

As we age there are several anatomic changes occurring in the face: In lower eyelid surgery, the under eye bags are removed or repositioned in order to smooth out the transition between the lower eyelid and the cheek. Eyelid skin may also be removed or tightened in order to rejuvenate the lower lids. Lower eyelid…

Attractive woman after upper eyelid surgery
Education | Facial Aesthetic

Upper Eyelid Surgery

General Information: As we age there are several anatomic changes occurring in the face: In upper eyelid surgery the upper eyelid skin is removed to create a clean upper eyelid crease and reveal the skin above the eyelashes. The amount of skin removed varies between individuals to create an eye that looks natural and rejuvenated….

Retina scan showing diabetic retinopathy
Diabetic Eye Disease | Education

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetes (diabetes mellitus) is a common disease in which blood-sugar levels are chronically too high. The disease has many related complications and several eye diseases are among them. The most common eye complication of diabetes is diabetic retinopathy, a leading cause of adult blindness. Background The retina is a thin, light-sensing layer in the back…

Mature woman with cataract
Cataract Surgery | Education

What is a Cataract?

Cataract surgery is performed when the natural lens of the eye becomes cloudy and daily activities become difficult due to reduced vision. During cataract surgery, the surgeon removes the natural lens and replaces it with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL). The surgeons at Eye Associates Northwest utilize state of the art technology and microsurgical technique…

LASIK concept overlay
Education | LASIK

LASIK Surgery Seattle

Background People with normal vision have the cornea curved in such a way that all the light rays entering the eye are directed toward the retina – the part where light rays are sent to the brain to be interpreted into images. The light rays meet at the right point in the retina so that…

Optical coherence tomography (OCT)
Education | General Eye Care

Choroidal Nevus

A choroidal nevus is a common, benign, pigmented growth similar to a mole on your skin, which happens to be located beneath the retina. As your skin has pigmented cells (called melanocytes), so does the layer underneath the retina, called the choroid. Moreover, as your skin can have a mole or freckle which is a…

Woman showing off blepharoplasty
Education | Facial Aesthetic


A blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is a surgical procedure that can help improve the functional and aesthetics of the eyelids. A blepharoplasty is performed for many reasons,which can include: In children, this impairment can permanently affect the vision and prevent normal development of the visual cortex. This can lead to amblyopia and should be addressed…

Woman with eye irritation from dry eye
Dry Eye Disease | Education

Dry Eye

Dry eye syndrome is a common disease that affects people of all ages, genders, and races. It is a condition in which the eye either doesn’t produce enough tears, or where the quality of the tears is inadequate such that the tears don’t keep the eye healthy and moisturized. It can cause significant discomfort and…