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What to Expect During Your Exam

An ophthalmic technician will do several tests prior to the doctor examining your eyes, including obtaining a thorough personal and family medical history, dilating your pupils, testing your visual acuity for distance and reading, checking your intra-ocular pressure (a test for glaucoma), and refraction.

Pupil dilation is an extremely important portion of the exam, as it allows the physician to see all the way into the back of the eye using a slit lamp. He or she will look for signs of eye disease or general health problems such as diabetes or hardening of the arteries that may show up in the eyes.

If no special testing is required and no other exam (such as contact lens) is required, your appointment will last approximately 1 hour, but please allow extra time before or after your appointment to visit our optical department where one of our qualified opticians can help you choose the best frames for your needs.