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Seattle Laser Cataract Surgery

Benefits of Cataract Surgery
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The structures of the eye that allow light to enter are normally clear and transparent, such as the cornea and lens. This ensures that the light can completely reach the retina and form a visual picture. However, as people age, the lens material becomes stiff and thick. The proteins in the lens start to change color and clump together. This produces a cloudiness or opacity in the lens which is referred to as a cataract. Read more about cataracts here.


Science Behind Cataracts
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A cataract is a cloudiness that forms in the lens of the eye. Normally, the lens is clear to allow light to enter into the eye structures for the retina to form a visual image. When proteins in the lens clump together, they can become less clear and hence form a cloudy spot called a cataract. This spot causes some of the light entering the eye to scatter and blocks some of this light, resulting in blurry vision.

LenSx Cutting-Edge Technology

Eye Associates Northwest is proud to be the first in the Seattle Area to offer laser-assisted cataract surgery using the LenSx platform. With this technology, we are bringing the best in safety and performance to our patients for the best possible visual outcome. See the differences in this video.